Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Longer a Virgin..

I'm so excited!! I'm no longer an award virgin! The lovely Simmarah over at The Dating Ritual just gave me the Stylin' Award!  Fun, right?  This is my first so I'm pretty pumped.

Now here are the rules that I need to follow in order to accept this award.

  • 1. Present seven things about yourself.
  • 2. Name about a half-dozen bloggers you think deserve the award. Contact those people.
  • 3. Create a link back to the person who gave you the honor.

Let the fun begin!:
7 things

- I dont have my ears pierced
- I graduated college before I could legally go to the bar
- I have a ridiculous addiction to shopping
- On average I read about a book every week
- I have next to zero patience
- Growing up, I moved 13 times in 11 years
- I'm dating my mom's best friends' son

Now for those I choose to give the award to... drum roll please....

Tales of a London City Girl
Across the Pond
Sex and the Shitty
Miss Melissa
Absolutely Narcissism
The Boyfriend Whisperer

Thanks again Simmarah! Make sure you all check out the blogs above - my faves for sure!



Friday, March 4, 2011

Relationship Commandments

Commandment #1 – Know Thyself
What a simple concept.  Most of us think that we know ourselves fairly well.  When we’re single and immersed in the dating life, we know what’s important to us, what we’re looking for, what we’ll stand for and what we won’t.  That confidence and drive is what makes us oh-so-attractive to the opposite sex.  It also makes us feel good about ourselves.
Frequently, when we get into a long term relationship with someone, we pick up some of their traits, habits, jargon, and mannerisms.  And in turn, they do the same.  You both make concessions and compromises and eventually fall into a comfortable routine wherein you become a twosome rather than a one+one.

Which brings me to my next point…

Commandment #2 – Keep Thyself
All too often, when we become the said twosome, we lose our “one”.  Along the way, the once witty, charming, fun person we once were becomes someone who would rather sit on the couch than go somewhere with no direction in mind.  A comment we would once laugh at, or have an immediate retort to, becomes just another remark that requires nothing more than a glance and an eye-roll.  Although this person looks and sounds unfamiliar to you, you know that these actions and these words are coming out of your mouth. 
So you rationalize, you make excuses;  You have responsibilites now. People grow up.  People change.  We can't all possibly be the same person we were 2, 5, 10 years ago.


When the ex and I broke up I took a hard look at myself and realized I didn’t like the contemptuous, boring, drab person I had become.  Who was I? Where was that person that I used to love?  Where did all that confidence go?
Although I’ve never felt my heart break into as many pieces as it did when we broke up, I’m so happy it happened.  It allowed me to see that I dropped off along the way and gave me the chance to not only remember who I was, but the opportunity to get me back.

Although concessions and compromises will still be made and the conformability and routine will eventually return, this time I’m coming too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(wo)mans best friend

I'm feeling a little uninspired lately... I got no material... Not really much to blog about

The girls and I had our bi-weekly dinner date last night which was inspired by a previous "challenge" and has been going strong ever since.  I love these dinner dates.. A place where we can all get together and get/give advice on careers, boyfriends, life, and the pros and cons of shaving/waxing/laser treatment.

Kristina has a birthday coming up and we're all planning on celebrating next Saturday night.. There was talk of what to do, where to go and what the theme should be.  We decided that hooker was the theme of the night (this was a suggestion by Lisa saying that she took inspiration from Kristina's typical night-out getup.. much to Kristina's dismay I might add!)
So that should be a good night.. I don't know what rock these girls have been living under, but they said they've never chatted up a guy to get a free drink(s). Really?!  (I apologize to my male readers but if you're silly enough to think that buying me drinks will land me in your bed, then I am going to take full advantage of you). I smell a challenge coming up for next Saturday :)

My other bestie was also present last night. After dressing him up to look like a little babushka (note: no, I do not know what the word means, but I just love it) I decided that he was just too cute NOT to share with you all!

So behold the CUTEST dog ever: