Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(wo)mans best friend

I'm feeling a little uninspired lately... I got no material... Not really much to blog about

The girls and I had our bi-weekly dinner date last night which was inspired by a previous "challenge" and has been going strong ever since.  I love these dinner dates.. A place where we can all get together and get/give advice on careers, boyfriends, life, and the pros and cons of shaving/waxing/laser treatment.

Kristina has a birthday coming up and we're all planning on celebrating next Saturday night.. There was talk of what to do, where to go and what the theme should be.  We decided that hooker was the theme of the night (this was a suggestion by Lisa saying that she took inspiration from Kristina's typical night-out getup.. much to Kristina's dismay I might add!)
So that should be a good night.. I don't know what rock these girls have been living under, but they said they've never chatted up a guy to get a free drink(s). Really?!  (I apologize to my male readers but if you're silly enough to think that buying me drinks will land me in your bed, then I am going to take full advantage of you). I smell a challenge coming up for next Saturday :)

My other bestie was also present last night. After dressing him up to look like a little babushka (note: no, I do not know what the word means, but I just love it) I decided that he was just too cute NOT to share with you all!

So behold the CUTEST dog ever:


  1. OMG....LOVE boxers! Is that your dog? I'm love :)
    When the time comes for me to get a dog it is going to be a dogs ever!

  2. Yep, that's my little bundle of energy! (Though it wouldn't look like it from the pics)
    They really are the best dogs.. loyal, protective, easy to train.. But stubborn as all heck and need A LOT of exercise!
    PS - I just checked out your blog and I'm loving the outfit of today :)

  3. Thank you doll :)

    One of my friends has a boxer and I had her overnight...oh my...definitely very energetic dogs. :)

  4. aww, we had a boxer growing up and he was the sweetest dog ever, these pictures are beyond adorable. LOVE! xx veronika

  5. Super cute!!!! I love the first picture, lol, he looks adorable. I can't wait to get myself a dog one day!