Friday, October 15, 2010

Cloudy Days

Let’s be honest here.  I’m doing great since my breakup.  I’ve reconnected with old friends; I’ve intentionally subjected myself to uncomfortable situations in the hopes of learning something; I’ve taken the route of looking at the positive side of things.  Overall, I’ve actually been pretty good.  But you know what? It’s not all sunshine and roses.  Sometimes I miss him.  Sometimes I have an awful day and there’s nothing more that I want then a hug from someone who cares about me.  Girl hugs are good, but guy hugs are great.  They envelop you.  They make you feel safe.  They make you feel like everything is going to be okay.
Do I call him? No.  Do I text him? No.  Is it hard? Yes. 
Do I feel like this every day? No.  But I’m human.  And I miss him.  Sometimes. 
Then I ask myself, “Do I miss him? Or so I just miss someone? “I don’t know… I guess that’s the purpose of this journey.  Only time will tell…

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