Monday, October 25, 2010

I just LOVE this!

So it's Monday night re-run night on TV, so what to do other than find some good blogs to follow?? As I was skimming through, I found this one... Here's a snippit of "Alice's X's" blogpost... make sure to check her out!!

This is a major bugbear for me. The modern age has unleashed a whole new breed of man. Gone are the days of chest hair and stubble, replaced with manliner and manbags. These so called Metrosexuals are roaming the streets looking oh so chic with their designer haircuts and too tight jeans. Don’t get me wrong i love a man who knows how to dress well, but i’d rather date a slug than date someone who looks hotter than me. Think of all the bathroom time they take up just preening themselves and fake tanning their eyelids or whatever. Get a grip guys, i want a lumberjack not a ballerina. Grow some man hair you wimps.

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  1. Thanks Kristy! Love your blog too.

  2. I love her too, and I can't agree more. I know a lot of men these days don't want to grow hair on their body... but I like it. So that's all that should matter, right? My opinion? No? Oh, whatever.