Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slumber Paarty!!

When you think about, when was the last time you and your friends got together and had a slumber party? A real one.  Not the one where your friend came home and crashed on your couch with the catch-of-the-day.  Years ago, right?  In the days of the board game Girl Talk?  Well my friends and I brought it back the other night.

We decided that it would be a good idea because one girl’s boyfriend is overseas for a month, and she’s the lonely lady with the cat right now.  Not good.  We did get together on a schoolnight though, so at least we’d keep it tame right?  No.

Here’s how the basic equation works out: 5 girls + 6 bottles + 1 board game + 0 boyfriends = chaos. Wonderful, real, genuine, screaming, laughing, chaos.

Starting with a litte dinner

The host with the toast

A sleepover isn't complete without someone dying their hair

Cutting said dyed hair though?  Now that's a new one...

But she like's it!! All smiles

Mmmm... time for some goodies

And now time for some ditry jokes about the finger...

Time to do that nails!

You don't know Jacques...

Nothin like a little late night texting...

PJ party!!

It was about this time that we decided to go to bed...

Thought of the night:  Gone are the days of Mike's Hard Lemonade, pizza delivery, and single available guys.  Welcome to the world of dinner parties, wine, and baggage.


  1. Hilarious. I'm pretty sure it has been decades since my last slumber party...unless you count the ones with John and Logan : )

  2. All I know is that my baggage looks a little better with the wine... I want to throw one of these. Girls rule!

  3. This looks like so much fun. It makes me wish I had more close gfs!

  4. I miss having sleep overs! My friend's parents owned a goose farm and we used to run around in our PJ's (i was only 14) in the fields getting attacked by angry geese.

  5. Soulla - Boys count only when it's a drunk dial that comes over after the girls have gone to bed and before they wake up... Son and Husband definitely don't count haha :)

    Denise - EVERYTHING looks better with wine.. no?

    Elle - Just grab your two closest besties! All that you really need is one bottle, and one juicy story per person to make it laughable unforgettable

    Alice - The mental image I have right now is HILARIOUS (think Sound of Music kids running and screaming). I didn't even know that there were such things as goose farms! Up here in Canada, we have Canadian geese just wandering around everywhere.. honking.

  6. See its like I told you, "time heals all wounds" you're getting stronger and stronger. Good for you, I'm very proud of you. LYL