Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Recently, I've been getting a little too friendly with frozen pizza, quesadillas, and pasta.

This has (as I knew it would inevitably would) let me to gain a new roll.  Fawwk.. It's not like my pizza didn't have spinach on it, and my pasta didn't have veggies in it.  WTF?

I mentioned very briefly in a past post that I am just not big on exercising.  I would rather be doing anything else.  I'm also not that big on dieting (I get very cranky when I'm hungry).  Well then, what do I do?? How do I get rid of this extra roll?

Ok, done.  No more junk food... So now, please excuse me while I go eat all the junk food in my house so I can start my "diet".  :)


  1. I find that painting every room in your house in three weeks is good for loosing weight.

  2. My room mate always has tons of junk food in the house. When I get home, I like to unwind a little and well, munchies are inevitable. Yeah, I could eat some carrot sticks to sooth the craving, but the bag of chips look and taste so much better.

    I also have a huge disdain for working out...I do, but complain and go kicking and screaming every time...One of these days, I'll come up with a system that works.

  3. Bellydancing!!! :) I'm a teacher in a neighbouring city, but seriously, it's great exercise!

  4. @Bathwater - hilarious! really. tell me you did that! (cause if so, you'r hired)

    @ZP - tell me about carrots just don't cut it. And good for you for going even though it's something you distain! I wish I had that willpower/motivation

    @Simmarah - you TEACH belly dancing? No way! I like a little hip-shake every now and then :)
    Do you teach in a neighbouring city of Etobicoke??

  5. My gym is just a couple of minutes walk down the road from me and even then I have to be motivated to go.

  6. I teach in Hamilton/Burlington ... it may be a bit *too* far but if you round up your gals together one night, I perform in Toronto now and then!! :)

  7. yeah, I hear you!! I was on the "see food" diet. now cut my eating in half, watch what I eat, try and walk to the store ( except when its -1 with the wind chill lol ) and starting playing sports again. Why don't you try belly dancing or salsa dancing...great for balance and rythum too

  8. Mike has the same idea about bellydancing, hehe :)