Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is the Grass Greener?

This blog post is a little different than the ones that I’ve posted prior.  It’s not so much recounting a new experience, as it is a new observation.
I’ve given a lot of thought lately to the subject of “happiness” and have wondered what makes all those single, fabulous women so happy?   You know that girl that you see out and about, and she’s laughing, glowing, having an absolute amazing time, and she’s single?!  I started to think about what “her” thought process would be about being single, and try to emulate some of those thoughts.. I think “she” has just realized that on her side of the fence, although the grass may not always be green, there will always be fertilizer…

Green Grass of being single:
  • You become an expert on almost every new series on TV
  • When you go for coffee in the morning, you only need to get one, so it’s much easier to open your car door
  • Wayy less dishes (although, maybe not after point #2 below..)
  • You become tidier… There’s nobody there to do it but you!
  • When you fart and nobody’s around, it’s actually pretty funny
  • You can read your book all day long if you want
  • You end up walking the dog a lot more
  • You can get rid of that sports package on your TV and swap for it for Slice
  • You get to know how truly AMAZING your friends really are
  • You end up doing things more – brunching with friends, going for a drive, window shopping, etc.
  • You’re able to shamelessly turn your head and stare at firefighters
  • You end up making that hair appointment ASAP
  • You finally have something to blog about

The yellow grass of being single:
  • There’s no warm body beside you at night (Fertilizer: buy a body pillow.. or a dog)
  • There’s not enough people to eat a full meal, so you end up eating the same thing for dinner at least two nights in row (Fertilizer: let it inspire to you cook more complex/interesting foods that you’ll be excited to eat two days in a row)
  • You don’t own a drill (Fertilizer: call your Dad)
  • You miss the company (Fertilizer: perfect time to catch up with old friends)
  • You get frustrated with yourself for not being able to do something that you think you should be able to do; i.e. hang a mirror (Fertilizer: call your Mom)
  • Your lawn is starting to get so out of control, the grass is actually swaying  (Fertilizer: offer the neighbour’s kid $10 to mow it)


  1. Fabulous blog, you should be a writer for a column!!

  2. This is a great post. All soooo true : )

  3. I really hope... that whether in the near or further future... when you do get back into a relationship... I'll continue seeing updates on your blog!

    Totaly support your self-discovery venture!

  4. I LOVE every word!!!! I cant wait to keep reading your blogs girl!! I love this picture of you in this open field.....you look so free and so liberated!

    The grass is sometimes not greener on the other side but when you're on the "other side" sometimes you realize that this is exactly where you need to be for the time being to find yourself, re-create the YOU and THIS SIDE suddenly becomes SO MUCH GREENER!