Thursday, September 16, 2010

The To-Do List

You know how we all have that To-Do list that keeps getting bigger and bigger and it's all the annoying things that could be done later that are on it?  I'm starting to knock things off my To-Do list.. Seriously.

Tonight was supposed to be a different challenge (A really exciting one that I'll do next week), but since I woke up feeling like a swallowed a thousand thumb nails, I decided this would be a good time to start doing things that need to be done and don't require a lot of talking.

To-Do #1 - Re-sole shoes, dry clean winter jackets.  I know this doesn't sound like a big to-do, and really, it's not... It's just that I've wanted to get my dog-chewed leather winter boots repaired since the middle of last winter, but just didn't... Although it would be more expensive, it would definitely more fun to buy a new pair and if I bought a new pair I didn't need to go to the repair place, drop them off, pick them up, blah blah blah... AND, I would get to shoe shop... who doesn't love to shoe shopping?!
Well, since my rent has now doubled, I thought it better to pay the $20 and get them repaired.  So I did!
(**Note - this does not mean that I will not go winter shoe shopping this year... Just not yet).

To-Do #2 - After repairing my shoes, I felt like I could totally check something else off my list.  You know that junk drawer that everyone has in their kitchen?  Have you ever LOOKED in there?? Oh my gosh.. unreal... Among the things I found in there include: 47 pens and pencils, 3 pairs of scissors, 2 pairs of pliers, a pair of sunglasses, a ruler (like, what you used in 3rd grade), and a padlock.  WHY do I need all these things?  So I cleared it out, and my junk drawer is now just a drawer... for now  :)

To-Do #3 - Ok, here's the biggy.  My dining room has always kind of been an eye sore considering the dog cage is in there, his extra love seat (used to be under the window), and the dining room table (which was more of a space filler, then a plate holder).  When he left, he took the love seat with him, as well as this painting that his uncle painted.  This is what my dining room looked like... Could it be any more depressing?!

Well, after a call to a couple friends, I was feeling inspired... Off to Ikea I go!  With a little window treatments, lighting, and a new print, my dining room now looks inviting; and all done in an afternoon! 

Not that I didn't have my challenges....  For instance, after going to 2 different stores, and buying two 2 different hooks to hold the drape rod, I still couldn't get the damn screw in the small plastic thing, and get it in the wall - who the heck invented those things?? Ugh.. So I ended up going to 2 more stores, and finally found some hooks that just stick on the wall - genius! And the picture? Ya, you think I could get attach the string on the back to hang it from?  Not a chance.  But it's up... nobody go near that wall...

Yes, I kept the ruler.


  1. Holy smokes, it looks amazing!!,
    If theres a will, theres a way,
    I know if us girls try hard enought we can accomplish anything,
    P.S. i have a grade 3 ruler in my junk drawer too??????

  2. Looks so cute and so inviting!! Let's have a girls night in your dinning room to celebrate!!!! POT LUCK and WINE!!!!! Thoughts!??