Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saddle Up!

One thing I've always wanted to do is go horseback riding.. This weekend, I decided to saddle up and go for it!
Horses are just such beautiful animals and so regal and elegant looking.  And if I'm being honest, the main reason I wanted to ride comes down to pure vanity.  What girl riding a horse isn't sexy, right? I have never been on a horse before (besides a the pony's at the fair), so I was really surprised to see just how big they were!

Luckily, the weather couldn't have been more perfect!  It was a beautiful day with just a hint of a breeze in the air so that you didn't get too hot.  Being out on a farm on a sunny day surrounded by acres of trees and greenery, silos, ands horses, is inexplicable.  It's almost like a calm immediately envelopes you and you realize that taking life slow is sometimes worth it.  There's no tractor trailers braking, horns honking, music blaring....It's just you, animals, and nature. I've found that being in the country or on a farm is, on its own, such a relaxing experience

But back to the horses.... The ride was so much fun!  We were able to go through trails, and farmland, and it lasted about an hour.  People had told me that my butt would really hurt.  They significantly understated that. Whoa.  When I got off Frasier (my horse's name), I felt by butt hurt a bit and my knees as well, but it was nothing compared to how I felt that night.

Imagine going to sit on the couch and you plop down and land on two cylindrical pieces of rock that jut directly into your butt bones.  Now, you jump up off the couch, but only to sit back down in the same spot.  That's what it felt like every time I sat down that night.

Was it worth it?  Totally. Will I do it again? Absolutely.     

....Only next time I'm bringing a inflatable donut... 


  1. Ride em cowgirl!!!!!! good for you, keep it up!

  2. I completely agree girl - AMAZING experience and such a fun and peaceful afternoon sport ;-)