Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tackling the dreaded garbage can

Those that know me well, know that I do not like bugs.  Last week was garbage week and the can was gross.  Since the rules in our were that HE takes out the garbage, we both thought it was fair that HE cleans it out... Then he goes and breaks up with me 3 days before garbage day... Grrreat.

So I had a moment of thought about asking him to still do it anyways... BUT then I figured if he can do it, I can totally do it.

If your garbage has never had bugs, maggots, and gross slimy stuff on the bottom, then kudos to you for keeping it clean. 

I started my challenge by first going to purchase those elbow length yellow rubber gloves, scouring pads, and a cleaning agent.  I tried leaving the top of the can open for a bit to air out the stench (which doesn't really work by the way), then went at it.
This is a really gross job.  I don't reccomend that anyone does this. It's stinky, dirty, and the garbage can comes up to my chest.  Get the visual here... My body is literally  doubled over into the can scrubbing; my face inches away from slime and filth.

But I did it!  And now, my garbage can looks just lovely!

**Disclaimer - when you look at the picture of this disgusting garbage bin, please reserve judgement... There are a couple people who live in the basement who also use this bin and are apt to tossing food in there.. without a bag.  Just sayin..


  1. Wow!!, for the first "things i don't do", that is amazing, you lived to tell the tale!
    Keep up with all the "firsts", we never can learn too much!!
    love you, mom

  2. Love it! And welcome to the blogging world. ; )

  3. WOW I am impressed girl!! This made me smile :-) hahahaha